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Sent Forth: Father Jonathan Hill

June 30, 2019

The Saint Benedict the African family congratulates Father Jonathan Hill as he celebrated Mass today for the first time as a priest at our church.

Father Hill attended mass at Saint Benedict the African during his time in Chicago as a seminarian for Maryknoll. Once ordained a deacon Father Hill assisted during the mass, which included giving the homily.

Now ordained a priest Father Hill will continue his missionary work in Tanzania. As a gift to Father Hill in thanksgiving for his diaconal service and support of his priesthood, Saint Benedict the African is donating money to support six orphan children in Tanzania.

These children live in Kilwa Masoko, on the Indian Ocean south of the capitol city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The region is of the Yao tribe of Tanzania, which originated out of Mozambique. The oldest is 16, and the others range from 4 through 11, half boys and half girls. The young man who helps run the house with a “mother” is an orphan himself, whose desire is to show great love and compassion to others who know what it is like to grow up feeling alone and abandoned, unloved and undesirable.

The heart of Christ dares us to love these children. Assistance from Saint Benedict the African will go towards feeding, clothing and housing these precious children, and will allow us to open the doors to other children in need.

Check the video below for a clip of the ordination Mass in Ossining, NY at the Maryknoll Society Center which took place June 1, 2019. Parishioners from Saint Benedict the African traveled to join in Father Hill’s celebration.

Visit the Maryknoll website for more information on Father Hill’s ordination.

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