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Our Profession of Faith

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Father David Jones

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The reason to belong to a church is to become more God like. At the center of our faith is the all-important and inclusive clarity of what do we believe about God. Without this clarity our future is questionable.

The Creed or Profession of Faith is a quick and easy study of what we believe as Catholics. Without this agreement, we cannot actually belong to this Body of Christ we call the church.

Our creed puts God first. The declaration “I believe in one God” begins to order our steps. The creed moves us to declare what we believe about the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Church, Baptism, Reconciliation and the future.

The declaration about God is perfectly simple. We believe in one God, a very important statement in a world of confusion, distraction and temptation.

The declaration about the Father is simple, yet broad and all-inclusive. He’s got it all in His hands! He’s been faithful to me!

The declaration of our belief in and of the Son of God reminds one and all of who He is, what He’s done for me and what He promises to do.

He’s been faithful to the Father and creates the way for me to be faithful, even in the times of storm.

The declaration regarding the Holy Spirit reflects a trust and belief that God causes all things to work for the good of those who love the Lord. This mystery that changes and saves the world, is not one that we simply read, it’s one that makes live worth living.

Whether one is trying to get into heaven, stay out of hell, do the right thing, make the right choice, survive the illness, get through the day, get to tomorrow or makes sense out of life, it takes faith.

Keeping the faith unites us to all God has done in the past; sharing the faith unites to all that God is doing for the future. That’s a pretty compelling reason to get out of bed and start the weekday working with God.

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