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The Center Mystery of the Christian Faith

On the Holy Trinity

Father David Jones

Catholic Practices

In our faith we understand that GOD IS! That’s about all we really know. The greatest mystery of all times is the center mystery of the Christian faith. We cannot KNOW this ONE fully; we have to take this one on GOOD FAITH. God and only God can reveal, can make himself known as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God is. God exist. God does.

In the INCARNATION, Christmas, God reveals Himself as God the Son. God the Son teaches about God the FATHER, Our FATHER who art in heaven, and invites us into HIS relationship with HIS FATHER.

When the battle is over and Jesus, God the Son, wears a crown, and mounts his throne to shouts of joy, ASCENSION, the SON asks the FATHER to send us another advocate, GOD the HOLY SPIRIT, PENTECOST.

The HOLY SPIRIT proceeds from the FATHER and the SON.

There is the ONE GOD. There is the most perfect TRINITY, the most perfect undivided UNITY. CONSUBTANTIAL, meaning the THREE PERSONS of GOD are of the same substance, are one.

All good things come from God. God the Father sends them to us. Just like he sent His only begotten Son and sent His Holy Spirit. Just like He sends His church. Just like He sends His new daughters and sons, or baptized daughters and sons, the ones he made anew.

God the Father creates, recreates and sends. God the Son redeems, takes us back to the place where we first received God and God the Holy Spirit empowers and enables us to renews the face of the earth, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

It is mind blowing to realize that it takes ALL of GOD to get us together to do the right thing. That’s not ordinary unity, that’s Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph holy! The Holy Trinity leads to the Holy Family, which leads to Holy Mother Church, which leads to you and I serving God.

Talk about ACTING in GOOD FAITH!

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