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How important is Easter?


Father David Jones

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The forty days of Lent gave us a time of preparation. As Lent ended on the evening of Holy Thursday, we were given three days of prayer with the Lord as He rose from the dead. Now we have the seven weeks of Easter, fifty days of Easter, the Easter Season to get with the program! Easter ends after the celebration of Pentecost.

How important is Easter? It’s HUGE!

All other Sunday’s are rooted in and remind us of Easter. Easter is the greatest feast on the Christian calendar.

All Catholics who have made their first communion are required to receive communion during the Easter season. Of course, we are obligated to go to Mass weekly on Sunday and should receive communion frequently, but our EASTER DUTY is the law that reads:

Can. 920 §1. After being initiated into the Most Holy Eucharist, each of the faithful is obliged to receive holy communion at least once a year.

This law dates back to a time when most Catholics rarely had the opportunity to receive communion, however, it sends a powerful message today, as many Catholics don’t PRACTICE their faith.

During the Easter Season, the Liturgy of the Word calls forward the New Testament! The first readings are from the ACTS of the APOSTLES and the Gospel readings highlight the RESURRECTED LORD.

The Easter Season gives us precious memories and precious days to relate to the Precious Lord. There is Jesus, the baby born into the world at Christmas, and there is the teacher and friend we have in Jesus, who “walks with me and talks with me and tells me I am His own” and there is the RISEN CHRIST!

The Easter season urges us to come and go to church so our relationship with the Lord is one where we recognize and accept Him as Jesus, our Lord and our God, our Savior and the Christ! Easter is huge in the church because Christ is risen. Alleluia!

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