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Stopping for the Lord

The Mass entrance procession

Father David Jones

Catholic Practices

Something is stopping, because something is starting. Recall stories from the bible where Jesus is coming to town and people, in anticipation of His coming, began to gather to “be in that number when the saints go marching in.” We, just like they did, have to stop doing what we are doing in order to welcome the Lord and start doing what He is doing.

The entrance procession signals and starts what the Lord is coming to do. A song is appropriate because it moves us from where we were to where we ought to be. It helps us stop thinking, worrying, planning, etc. and start tuning in to the Lord. A song of praise is most appropriate for an entrance procession, first song giving honor and praise to God.

The cross before us, the world behind us as we prepare to focus on the Passion of the Christ. The priest celebrant in the procession reminds us that we are in God’s house and we have come to follow the Lord. We have come to be led, not by man but by God. This is sacred and uplifting and makes you want to process with a mind, heart and eyes stayed on Jesus. Everything else stops for us so that we can devote ourselves to spend time, quality time, and undivided time because it is God’s time.

Watch the priest go to the altar, bow before it, kiss it and know that Christ is signaling our goal, showing us the way, making a way out of no way and silently screaming and cheering for us to the altar and get communion! After all, that is what we came for, to be in communion, to be in that number with the Lord.

Mass is all about what the Lord is doing. Don’t miss a moment of being in His presence. It all starts by acknowledging that He and He alone is worthy for us to agree to stand up for and gather around. A song of joy speaks of a grateful heart. I’m so glad to be here! I wouldn’t miss this for the world! Let me get out of my door and into the door of the church so I can get a good seat and a good view and be in the right place at the right time.

The entrance procession is how we start to get in line with God.

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