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The Body of Christ


Father David Jones

Catholic Practices

A mysterious moment happens as we realize the tomb where Jesus’ body was laid to rest is found empty. “Where is the body?” Is a most important question for the church.

A glorious moment occurs when the church realizes that we have become the Body of Christ.

A powerful thing happens when we believe in the God of an Immaculate Conception and a Virgin Birth and by the same Holy Spirit makes us ONE BODY in CHRIST JESUS. The same force that is the very unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Three in One God, unites us and makes us one, in the name of Jesus!

As we receive communion, which is receiving God, what we do next, what we do WITH GOD is what we call church. It is in that context and with that content that we are the BODY of CHRIST.

The wristband that raises the question “WWJD?” raises a question to which we already know the answer.

The real question is WITBOCTD? What is the Body of Christ to do?

The answer is as the Lord commands. AMEN.

When we do the work of the Lord, which starts anew every Sunday (in case you are thinking of skipping Mass) we are the Body of Christ.

The most powerful thing the Lord says every Sunday is “DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME.” That’s when every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Head of the church and every choir should break out in leading us in HE’S SO REAL!

That’s what I call RISING FROM THE DEAD!

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