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Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition

Two sources of revelation

Father David Jones


Some people only have one source of revelation, Catholics know God in two ways. We know God through sacred scripture and we know God through sacred tradition. How did this come to be? It is God who chose to reveal himself in the person of Jesus Christ and in the action of Jesus Christ.

An important part of our faith is the passing on of the faith. God gave it to us, so that we would pass on the GOOD NEWS of who God is and whom God loves. Just as God’s love is everlasting, so must God’s love be passed on and received forever and ever, from generation to generation. Amen.

God is fully revealed in Christ the Lord, even though our human minds and hearts cannot fully receive all of God and God’s gifts until that great getting up morning. Nonetheless, God is already fully here.

Christ commanded the apostles to preach the Gospel, the story of who God is. The Gospel was promised by the prophets who came and prepared the way of the Lord before he appeared. All of the walking and talking with the Lord and preaching and teaching like the Lord is what we come to call the bible. All of this SACRED SCRIPTURE tells us the story of who God is and how our souls look back and wonder how we got over, by the grace of God.

The bible is kept in order and alive by the passing on and over and over again, what God said, what God has given, what God commands and becomes the practicing of the faith. This living transmission of this old and Good News, keeps God’s Word real in the world. Practicing what Jesus did and passed on in the way of the Lord is called SACRED TRADITION.

And so we come to know God by what He said, what He did and what He continues to do. When we act in the name of Jesus all should know what we mean when we say, “No it’s not I, but the Christ who lives in me!”

That’s God revealing himself. Just as He did yesterday, just as He will tomorrow.

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