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On the Book of Revelation

Keep the faith, no matter come what may

Father David Jones


The final book of the New Testament is the Book of Revelation. It is perhaps the best example of why the bible, in order to be effectively understood, has to be studied, not simply read. It’s lessons are only clear when put into the original context of to whom it is speaking and what the persons or world was experiencing at that time.

Revelation was written under duress. Its author, who calls himself John, had been exiled to a penal colony in the 90’s. Not the 1990’s or 1890’s, the first 90’s! Imagine the severity and you begin to get the harshness of the Book of Revelation. The young and excited church was being brutally attacked and fiercely persecuted by the Roman ruler of the time.

The Book of Revelation’s main point is to KEEP THE FAITH, NO MATTER COME WHAT MAY. WHEN THE BATTLE IS OVER, I SHALL WEAR A CROWN. The book talks about the end where good or more accurately God triumphs over evil. In that light it is a book of hope for those who hold onto God’s unchanging hand.

The Book of Revelation is an outstanding example of apocalyptic literature, which was very popular for a time in the history of the world.

Apocalyptic literature was full of symbols, signs, numbers, codes and allegory, not only to make a point, but to make the point dramatically. The goal was to be a blockbuster, not for entertainment but rather to teach the faith. In the face of fear, fear God or life without God more than you fear satan, so you don’t make the wrong choices out of fear.

This sort of story telling (again because it predates writing) was very popular during the time of Jesus. The historical person Jesus is born and dies at a time when stories have to be really good and powerful in order to be passed on. It is why Jesus himself had to be a great storyteller.

The bible is the GOOD BOOK precisely because it tells the great story of how God creates and saves His people.

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