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Celebration of Epiphany

Moving forward with Jesus

Father David Jones

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It is the church’s festival to celebrate the first manifestation of Jesus to the Gentiles. Notice how the scripture readings in the Christmas season give us details of Jesus’ heritage. How they define the role of His mother and father. How the family practices the faith, follows the old traditions and rituals passed on from GENERATION to GENERATION. It is all to document how Jesus is FULLY HUMAN. He goes way back! He is FULLY CONNECTED to all that happened from the beginning. He is past.

God comes to earth and takes on the flesh of a baby Jewish boy and at the same time takes on the flesh of all the people born before him.

He is past and present.

Once you go back and fetch it then you bring it forward. Epiphany celebrates Jesus going forward. Now he, God, is revealed to people of even more cultures and lands. Notice the wise men are usually depicted as different in skin tone and dress to show they represent other cultures. Now, GOING FORWARD, Christ Jesus, who is FULLY HUMAN, unites heaven and earth, all peoples, all lands, all time to the Almighty.

EPIPHANY! Christ makes us one people, serving one God. He is past, present and future.

Now God is revealed in ALL TIME and in ALL PLACES. Now there is an EPIPHANY! Christmas ties us to the beginning, creation. Easter unites us forever and ever.

The celebration of EPIPHANY reminds us to remember that through the life of Christ and throughout the days of the year, we are “climbing Jacob’s ladder higher and higher” striving to be with God now and forever more. Put the emphasis on the “WE.” All of us with Christ.

“When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be.” Our songs, our rituals and celebrations are deep and old and new and alive! Take care with them and allow God to take care of us.

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