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Cross or Crucifix

Life and death

Father David Jones

Catholic Practices

The cross is simple T shape to remind us that Jesus was crucified. The instrument of crucifixion was a cross.

In other words, Jesus was hung from a cross to die.

It is an important reminder because of the distinction between being killed and dying on your own. The cross reminds us of the human action, the human sin involved as well as the act of God. Even though we crucified or killed him, he died for us and he was raised from the dead for us.

In this small symbol we begin to understand the dynamic action between us and God and hopefully surrender to the power that is God. We are always dying, God is always living, so in order to live a life that is more about living every day to the fullest instead of a life that is more about dying a little each day, we join the living God at the cross between life and death.

Now the cross is not the end, but rather miraculously the beginning of new life in Christ Jesus. “At the CROSS where I first SAW the light and the BURDEN of my heart was ROLLED (past tense, yesterday!) away. It was there by faith, I received my sight and now I am happy ALL the days.” We sing this just like we wear our faith, to remember!

The cross reminds us to join Jesus in life and death so we can join Jesus in his Resurrection.

When does a cross become a crucifix? As soon as a sinner, a Roman soldier from 2000 years ago or a jeweler “fixes” a corpus, a body, on it.

Hopefully our story will be the same as Jesus’. Enemies put you on a cross, friends take you off, but both make you call on Our Father who art in heaven.

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