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In our art there is a record of our beauty and value. We bring and leave it here in order that our church may be assisted in her ministry by a fully grown, functioning, willing and able community who sees Jesus in the center of the circle we make whole and unbroken.

Church Art

Throughout the building are various stained glass windows crafted by the internationally known designer and artist David Lee Csicsko, as well as inspired wood works of Jerzy Kenar, and magnificent depictions of black life by Jan Spivey-Gilchrist.

Church Architecture

Ann and Arthur Eiland Art Gallery and Collection

Artistic picture portrait of Ann and Arthur Eiland

Ann and Arthur Eiland represent an honorable group of people who pushed past the racist borders in order to accept the invitation of Jesus to be in the house and Family of God. We must not fail to recognize that the faith of these children, whose faith was greater than the fear and hatred of people who challenge the heart of Jesus, carries us in this life and the next one. This gallery will continue to challenge us to walk by faith, not by fear, on our way to church, on our way to heaven.

The Ann and Arthur Eiland Art Gallery and Collection continues the long standing work of the church that promotes the arts and values the artists as a necessary part of the community. It honors the thirty-year history of St. Benedict the African Parish commissioning and collecting works of art.

Art News

Eiland Art Gallery Dedicated by Bishop

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April 7, 2019

On the celebration of the feast day of Saint Benedict the African Bishop Perry dedicated the Ann and Arthur Eiland Art Gallery and Collection.

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"You should take care of your church like you take care of your home. Your church is God's home and He lives in us."

-Mrs. Rowell, Parishioner

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