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St. Benedict the African Parish, the Catholic Church in Englewood, values and partners with residents, organizations and businesses that share our love for the community formed in this zip code.

Friday Goodness Podcast

Tune in to the FRIDAY GOODNESS PODCAST where the innovative, creative and talented meet, greet and bring something good to this neighborhood. We highlight local entrepreneurs and organizations in the Englewood and Chicago area

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The following are organizations highlighted to date.

Kusanya Cafe

Located in Englewood, Kusanya is a nonprofit coffee shop & creative community gathering place.

WaKanna For Life

WaKanna was brought into existence through the synergistic efforts and shared foundational values of four African-American women who believe health, wealth, legacy and freedom are gifts that belong to all people.

Hyde Park Knitting Guild

The Hyde Park Knitting Guild in Chicago was founded over 25 years ago. If you knit, crochet, spin, weave, dye, or just want to learn, please visit the HPKG.

MADD Rhythms

M.A.D.D. RHYTHMS is a phenomenal TAP dance collective whose “SOLE” purpose is to spread the Love and Joy of TAP worldwide.

Emeche Bakery & Cafe

Whether you are on your way to work or out with some friends, stop by Eméché Cakery & Café for delicious sweets, flavorful sandwiches, fresh salads, hot coffee, and more.

Imagine Englewood If

IEI mission is to strengthen and empower the Greater Englewood community through teaching local youth and their families healthy living, environmental awareness, and positive communication skills.

Forever Englewood

It doesn't matter how you came to know the community -born, raised, school, work- Englewood remains in your heart forerver. Let it shine and wear it proud!

Blossom Girls Network

Named after the cherry blossom representing femininity, beauty, and power, Blossom Girls Celebrates, Educates, Empowers and Connects girls on their journey to young womanhood!

Chi Town Hoofers

The Chi Town Hoofers believe that with exercise, proper nutrition, spiritual and social engagement a senior can live and abundant life.

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