We are a family oriented parish. Many members worship here because of two and three generations of ancestors raised them in this place.  You don’t always know who is related to whom at St. Benedict the African! Matrimony is highly valued in this parish. With many generations of families worshipping together, it is no surprise that families have been united in this parish, building the pool of in-laws and cousins to a degree that there is a strong feeling and reality of family at the parish.

Parish Organizations extend the family. The life blood of parish activity, our clubs, organizations, societies and fraternities keep this place humming and hopping.  As individuals join a group they quickly realize they are joining a family.  Each parish organization is filled with meetings, activities and energy that is similar to what is found in loving homes. Parish organizations take responsibility for the upkeep of our parish and the most important task of passing on the faith. With their annual $5000 – $10,000 contribution to the operations budget, fundraisers and sales, and parties that rival festivals, these small groups make St. Benedict the African the most hospitable place to be and grow in the faith.

Birthday Club

3rd Sunday in the Parish House after Mass

The Birthday Club welcomes everyone with a birthday! Beyond celebrating what God began with each individual member, the Birthday Club acknowledges many moments in life when a church friend is needed. All fundraising done by this group of willing workers is solely for the parish budget.

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Choir Rehearsal

Saturday at 2:00 in the church

The Choir can be 40 – 50 deep in their “section” of the church on any given Sunday. Many people come to visit St. Benedict the African and return because they have heard the choir. These messengers are indispensable to our celebration of Sunday Eucharist. With a new emerging music leadership team, there is great promise for how the choir will grow the faith in the future.

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Council of Catholic Women

3rd Saturday 10am in the Martin Luther King Room

The Catholic Council of Women connects us to the work of Catholic women in the Archdiocese of Chicago and reminds us of the ladies who brought us this far by faith. Currently exploring models of tithing, this group constantly looks for ways to assist with the spiritual development of each of its members in order to insure that our base is always rooted in faith.

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Knights of Peter Claver Court 176 and Junior Knights
Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary Council 176 and Junior Daughters

2nd Saturday 11am in the Martin Luther King Room

The Knights of Peter Claver, along with the ladies auxiliary, junior knights and daughters belong to the country wide group of black Catholics who seek to embody the spirit of St. Peter Claver in living their faith. They bring African American church history to life at St. Benedict the African Parish. Filled with strong individual members who can unite as a council and court, these ladies and gentleman can make or break a parish. Fortunately for us, they chose to make this parish a part of their national footprint.

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Men’s Club

1st Sunday after Mass

The Men’s Club has a long history of making sure that our household is headed by men and women who work together. The recent merger of our two parishes has given this group a boost in number and energy. They are currently exploring how we can provide relief for those who are hungry and those who are homeless.  No doubt, we are going to need a bigger kitchen and larger grills going forward thanks to this band of brothers.

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Youth and Young Adults

2nd Sunday after Mass in the Sister Thea Bowman

The most exciting part of St. Benedict the African parish is the that the Youth Group is literally being born at this time. A class of babies came to life as we were planning the future.  This undeniable sign made it clairvoyant to focus on families passing on the faith as we imagine our long term future. With the merged parish comes a healthy number of teens and collegians, (who are connected to the elusive young people who may not show up on Sundays), who will energize the need for religious education, formation, faith development and community building activities.   Clearly this is a parish that functions around baptism and growing in the Spirit.   While this parish has a glorious past, it has a refulgent future.

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Ministers of Care

This group of dedicated parishioners does the important work of extending the Eucharist from the Sunday gathering to the homes of those who are ill and unable to join the faith community.  This ministry keeps our homebound parishioners connected to us, reflecting more completely the Body of Christ that we strive to be.  The homebound serve the larger faith community by their prayer for us and with us.

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8:45am prior to Mass

The group who gathers each Sunday before Mass to pray the rosary for our parish, neighborhood and the universal Church.

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Get Involved

This is a great time to grow your faith and St. Benedict is a great place to begin or continue.

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