The Catholic Church in Englewood.

340 West 66th St. Chicago, IL 60621 – Mass held on Sunday at 9:30 am

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St. Benedict The African parish is located in Deanery 6A of the Archdiocese of Chicago in the Englewood neighborhood of the city of Chicago. This parish is a place where all are welcomed – from those steeped in the faith, those looking to reconnect with Catholicism, those curious about the Catholic faith, to those who have heard about the beautiful architectural design and the decoration of our church building – all are welcomed to come and experience the “sweet, sweet, Spirit in this place” in order to deepen a relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Get Involved

This is a great time to grow your faith and St. Benedict is a great place to begin or continue.

Meet Our People

We have the nonagenarian club, the octogenarian club, the young adult group, the youth group and a new class of babies!

Make A Difference

Everyone can fit into this place and find a sister and/ or brother in Christ Jesus. All are welcome!


St Benedict The African has several rooms available to host your next gathering. Whether the need is for an elegant sit down dinner, a birthday party or a repast, we offer a wide variety of spaces. We work with a number of caterers and budgets.


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